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Sustainable psychiatry

recognizes emotional trauma, structural dissociation and its effects in human life and treats mental health holistically.

Video will be published August 15.








What is dissociation?

We have produced a short documentary that explains clearly and comprehensively what is emotional trauma and structural dissociation and how they affect human life. Videos will be released on our website and on social media channels on August 15 2018

We are in process of building The model of sustainable psychiatry

It will be published at August 15.

Cooperation is the key

Tiimimme koostuu alan asiantuntijoista joista joillain on itsellään ammattiosaamisen lisäksi myös kokemuksen tuomaa asiantuntijuutta. Tuomalla alan ammattilaiset yhteen kokemusasiantuntijoiden kanssa voimme luoda monipuolisia koulutuskokonaisuuksia- ja tietoa joka palvelee laajempaa yleisöä.

Books about trauma and dissociation

Our books bring a new level to a collective awareness that is being created. With this new awareness, trauma-related mental health problems can be met in an appropriate and healing way.

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The Autonomic Nervous System and the Experience of Safety

New insights link the functioning of the autonomic nervous system (ANS) closely to mental health. At my practice, I am exclusively treating individuals that are severely traumatized in their childhood. This article discusses the crucial significance of the experiences of safety for the development of the ANS and mental health.

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Psychiatric care – Threat or opportunity?

At what point did helping people turn into rocket science? Was it when everything was to be listed in care recommendations? Or when someone calculated that more efficiency and savings are needed? When evidence based care became the goal? How can we turn greeting and a kind smile in to an evidence based practice? Exactly. There are a lot of elements in helping others that can’t be written down to recommendations. Everything that goes on between two individuals in a care relationship can never be examined in a way that would make it qualify as a medical recommendation.

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