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Sustainable psychiatry

recognizes emotional trauma, structural dissociation and their effects on human life and treats mental health holistically.

Carita Kilpinen and Mai Peltoniemi, Finland. The Peaceful Impact Movement: Creating Sustainable Psychiatry 

In order to create sustainable psychiatry, we first need to understand emotional trauma and structural dissociation and how they affect human life.
Our experience breaths life in to the theories about emotional trauma and structural dissociation.

We are Keynote speakers @ 8th European Conference on Mental Health

The model of the sustainable psychiatry

According to my current perspective, the objectives of psychiatry are predominantly too modest. This is an important message because it can give people hope. Possibilities remain unused. For the existence of many very different premises, there seems to be considerable qualitative variation among the objectives.

Therefore, in raising the issue of the theoretical basis of psychiatry, it is my intention to give people reasonable hope of better treatment, better therapy, better realization of human rights, better life. I know that by stating things like these I might be looking for trouble but, on the other hand, I am assured that this will result in something really good. I am willing to take all the risks concerned in bringing these issues to light because there is potential for great collective rewards.

Cooperation is the key

Our team is composed of various experts in the field of trauma, some of which are also equipped with experiential expertise. Bringing these professionals and experiential experts together enables us to create more multifaceted trainings – and information for a broader audience.

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Books about trauma and dissociation

Our books bring a new level to a collective awareness that is being created. With this new awareness, trauma-related mental health problems can be met in an appropriate and healing way.

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