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A joint mission


Sustainable psychiatry recognizes emotional trauma, structural dissociation and their effects on human life and treats mental health holistically.

Who we are

Peaceful Impact is a Finnish publishing company. We produce and sell educational services, literature and offer tools and guidance in creating co-equally run communities for people living with trauma and dissociation.

In 2017 five people wrote the book Five Survivors, a Hundred Lives – Stories about Trauma and Dissociation. The book is written in English and is largely a renewed sequel to the book Viisi naista, sata elämää (Five Women, a Hundred Lives). The purpose of these books is to give an understandable picture of the consequence of traumatic experiences, dissociation disorder, and what it is like to live with this disorder. This very first book that we have published works as a sample for international networking and as a medium to transmit Finnish trauma consciousness. As the English book was about to be ready, we needed a publisher for the book, and an official organization that international networking is both possible and credible. Peaceful Impact Publisher Ltd. was established.

From the beginning, it has been clear that Peaceful Impact would not only include publishing, but also schooling services in the area of trauma and dissociation in a divers way. Peaceful Impact provides both publishing and working opportunities as an instructor for many experts in various fields and in addition we provide tools and guidance in creating co- equally run communities for other trauma survivors and professionals alike thus expanding and strengthening the shared motive and Peaceful Impact mission world wide.

Peaceful Impact Publisher Oy. is composed by Carita Kilpinen and Anssi Leikola. As the Operating Partner of the company, Carita Kilpinen is in charge for the trade of the company, while Anssi Leikola acts as the medical specialist, ensures the success of the company as the financier, and works as the chairman of the board. 

Our mission is to…

1. recognition

…over time impact the psychiatric care so that trauma can be seen and recognized as a background factor on psychiatric disorders.

2. comprehension

…increase knowledge and understanding of how to meet and take care of someone with dissociation disorder.

3. reformation

…strengthen the recognition of dissociation disorder in all the main orientations of psychology.

4. disassembling hierarchy

…create healing and empowering experiences of peer support among these questions, which can be painful to approach. 


Cooperation is the key

Our team is composed of various experts in the field of trauma, some of which are also equipped with experiential expertise. Bringing these professionals and experiential experts together enables us to create more multifaceted trainings – and information for a broader audience.

Anssi Leikola

Psychiatrist, therapist, author and trauma survivor

Anssi Leikola is a psychiatrist devoted to the treatment of emotional trauma, i.e. various dissociative disorders. For a long time, he has also been striving to find theoretical understanding of trauma, or the logic behind dissociative disorders. How can they be understood effectively and treated in a holistic way? How to provide sufficiently individualized treatment? Learning to apply the theory of trauma into practice will be a lifelong journey for anyone, especially for all of those working with traumatized individuals. Anssi possesses long experience of working with dissociative patients, both as a psychiatrist and a psychotherapist. In recent years, he has also been training advanced-level psychotherapists and leading supervisory groups.

Carita Kilpinen

Entrepeneur, graphic designer & trauma survivor

Carita on kahden lapsen äiti ja Peaceful Impact Publisher Oy:n luotsi. Hän kokee olevansa lottovoittaja monessakin suhteessa joista merkittävimpänä oman hoitopolkunsa. Näin siksikin että hänen lähipiiristään löytyy vastakohtainen elämäntarina.
Carita pääsi hyvään traumaterapiaan aikuisuutensa kynnyksellä jossa hoidon kärkenä ei ollut lääkkeet tai diagnoosi keskeisyys. Myöhemmin kun diagnoosin (DID) saaminen tuli ajankohtaiseksi palveli se Caritan kuntoutumista.
Caritalla on erityinen taito kertoa vaikeistakin asioista ymmärrettävästi ja samaistuttavasti. Hänen sydäntään lähellä on kaikki mikä liittyy luontoon, eläimiin ja käsillä tekemiseen. Työskentelyn traumatietoisuuden levittämisen parissa hän kokee elämäntehtävänään.

Mai Peltoniemi

Master of Social Services, community coach, experiential researcher, trainer, neuropsychiatric coach

Mai is a social work professional, a brave fighter of taboos and stigma, and a highly skilled, inspiring trainer. Combining expertise and experiential knowledge, Mai is reviewing the conventional roles and relationships within the field of healthcare and social work in a refreshing way.

Insight and expertise in addictions and trauma are of great advantage in almost all social and healthcare services. For effective treatment and successful recovery, it is essential to recognize traumatization as well as have profound understanding of the effects of traumatization and the logic of structural dissociation of the personality. Understanding and appropriate information allow quality professional-client encounters, resulting in successful outcomes and work satisfaction.


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