Entrepeneur, graphic designer & trauma survivor

Expert in experience

Carita is a mother of two and the co-owner of Peaceful Impact Publisher Ltd. She considers herself fortunate in many respects, most importantly due to her personal path of treatment but also having to encounter a less unfortunate case in her closest circle.
Carita got into proper trauma psychotherapy at the verge of adulthood, when treatment was not centered on pharmacotherapy and diagnosis. Later, as the question of diagnosis emerged, being diagnosed with DID was serving her rehabilitation.
Carita has a special skill of talking about the most difficult things in an understandable and relatable way.
She loves all things related to nature, animals, and crafts, and she considers spreading trauma awareness her vocation.

What is dissociation?

We have produced a short documentary that explains clearly and comprehensively what emotional trauma, structural dissociation and polyvagal theories are and how they effect human life. 


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