Trauma psychotherapist, EMDR-therapist, Bachelor of Nursing/Emergency Health (psychiatric and perioperative care), trainer
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Psychological safety is the key

Jonna is a healthcare professional with an interest in stimulating social discussion on current psychiatric approaches and good clinical practices for traumatization. She is a skilled and dynamic trainer who avoids adhering to a single approach. Jonna is seeking multi-disciplinary perspectives, not forgetting the experiential aspect without which there will be no truly person-centred care or development.


Jonna has a versatile educational background. In addition to the degree and qualification-oriented programs, her studies include the methods of sensorimotor psychotherapy, graduate studies in crisis intervention and specialization in substance abuse and violence prevention work. She has also taken minor studies and trainings regarding severe traumatization, psychotherapy, psychology, psychiatry, neuropsychiatry, paramedicine and disaster contingency planning. Jonna’ s professional experience derives from different working environments of both somatic medicine and psychiatry, mostly at Oulu University Hospital. Since 2015, Jonna has been working as a full-time entrepreneur. Among psychotherapy services, the business provides training, consulting and supervision opportunities.

In addition to clinical psychotherapy, Jonna is interested in research and development in the field. Current service systems are not addressing the need for a safe, recovery-oriented treatment of trauma and dissociation in a sufficient manner. The issue of (re)traumatization induced by a care worker within a healthcare system should become a larger topic of discussion, and trauma informed disposition should be a part of the everyday practice of all social work and healthcare professionals.



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Psychiatric care – Threat or opportunity?

At what point did helping people turn into rocket science? Was it when everything was to be listed in care recommendations? Or when someone calculated that more efficiency and savings are needed? When evidence based care became the goal? How can we turn greeting and a kind smile in to an evidence based practice? Exactly. There are a lot of elements in helping others that can’t be written down to recommendations. Everything that goes on between two individuals in a care relationship can never be examined in a way that would make it qualify as a medical recommendation.

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What is dissociation?

We have produced a short documentary that explains clearly and comprehensively what emotional trauma, structural dissociation and polyvagal theories are and how they effect human life. 


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