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Anssi Leikola, psychiatrist, therapist, author & trauma survivor

In the second episode of our documentary about trauma and dissociation Anssi Leikola explains what is emotional trauma.

Emotional trauma is psychobiological damage, that is caused by unbearable experiences. In one way or another, these kinds of experiences are always life-threatening. They occur especially in childhood, in a harmful environment. It is essential to understand, how vulnerable a child is compared to an adult. A child is fully dependent on external support.

Generally speaking, childhood trauma always means, that one has been left alone with unbearable emotions.

Being left alone like this is traumatizing, and there are always severe and life-long consequences.

Based on my experience, even professionals have a hard time understanding this. I am used to considering psychological problems from an evolutionary perspective, and I’ve formulated it like this: being isolated is traumatizing for a social, herd animal, like a human being.


a short film about trauma and dissociation

We have produced a short documentary that explains clearly and comprehensively what emotional trauma, structural dissociation and polyvagal theories are and how they effect human life. Psychiatrist Anssi Leikola also explains how understanding these subjects help us in creating sustainable psychiatry also called as trauma informed treatment.

The documentary has six episodes. We recommend to watch them in the order they are released:

Link to the whole documentary:

1. The Sustainable Psychiatry
2. Emotional Trauma
3. Structural Dissociation, part 1 & 2
4. Polyvagal Theory
5. Traumainformed treatment, part 1 & 2
6. Speaking from experience

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