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8th European Conference on Mental Health

Carita Kilpinen, Entrepeneur, graphic designer & trauma survivor
Anssi Leikola, Psychiatrist, therapist, author and trauma survivor
Mai Peltoniemi, Master of Social Services, community coach, experiential researcher, trainer, neuropsychiatric coach


In September we attended one of the most inspiring conference we have had the pleasure to present in so far. Now we are happy to announce that we have been invited to the 8th European Conference on Mental Health to take on the main stage and to deliver captivating keynote speeches at Belfast, Ireland.

We accept this invitation with great joy and with great honor. We consider this an important milestone in our mission in creating the Sustainable Psychiatry and in making trauma informed approach to all treatment mainstream.

Looking for Evidence Together!

For more information on the conference and the program, please follow the event website here: 
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