Reader Feedback: Thank you.
Yvonne, reader, trauma survivor
22 December 2017

Dear all,

Since the ESTD Conference in Berne some weeks have passed and, and it seems to me, that it is already a long time ago.

This was the first time that I have visited such a conference and I lived a lot of intense experiences there. On Saturday I was at your presentation where some of you spoke about your experiences and your book. Your presentation has touched my heart. I have bought your book after the presentation and you have written a dedication in it. Since that day I carry your book with me every day and I have read it more than half way through.

As you all, I am a survivor too, hovewer I have not met persons like you yet that would talk in front of other people and talk about their dissociative disorder and that have found a way to live with it. This was such an incredible moment for me and even today I have the impression not to find the right words to express what I have felt during your presentation and what I am feeling today. I admire you all for your courage and I am really greatful that I have met you and I am greatful for the book. Since then I have the impression not to be alone anymore, in the contrary of you I have not found the courage to talk much about my dissociative disorder to others, since most of the people do not understand and I did not wanted to scare them. But since I have met you, this slowly changing.

It is a big help for me to read your stories, they are kind of healing, even though it is sometimes difficult for me because I can so much understand what is going on inside of you (and me). I really wanted express to you all my deepest thanks for sharing your stories and experiences since it helps me much to keep on going forward. There is a lot of hope in it.

I would love to come to Finland one day to visit you, maybe to participate also in a project, to find other people in Switzerland too, which would be willing to stand together as you do as a group. 

Thanks again!

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