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Together we can’t be ignored!

Carita Kilpinen, Entrepeneur, graphic designer & trauma survivor
Anssi Leikola, Psychiatrist, therapist, author and trauma survivor
Jonna Södervall-Väyrynen, Trauma psychotherapist, EMDR-therapist, Bachelor of Nursing/Emergency Health (psychiatric and perioperative care), trainer
Mai Peltoniemi, Master of Social Services, community coach, experiential researcher, trainer, neuropsychiatric coach


The passing year has been eventful, and there is much promise in the air for the year to come. Peaceful Impact expands and our message grows strong! By persistent effort and bravely throwing ourselves into the unknown, we have been laying the foundations for our work.

Multidisciplinary and international collaboration is at the heart of our activity

Throughout the year, we have indeed been effectively building a network with active contacts i.e. in Switzerland and England. According to the current plan, Peaceful Impact will begin its activity in Switzerland at the beginning of next year.

Another great part of our network in Finland has been and will be our collaboration with the Finnish Association for Trauma and Dissociation. The goals of our missions are closely intertwined. Over the past year, which is also the first operating year of the association, the board of the association have made an incredible effort. Through our collaboration we have achieved things that would “normally” take several years to happen!

This has been possible only due to a common goal enhanced by skillful, multidisciplinary vision and shared experience.

During the year, we have participated in three conferences: ESTD Conference in Switzerland, European Conference on Mental Health in Croatia, and the Finnish Conference on Crisis and Trauma. The first two in Switzerland and Croatia have been fruitful. For the 2019 European Conference on Mental Health in Belfast, we have been invited as keynote speakers.

“Combining professionalism and experiential knowledge in an equal manner makes up a crucial part of our brand.”

The evolution of Peaceful Impact

Two years ago, the Finnish original of the book Five Survivors, a Hundred Lives – Stories about Trauma and Dissociation was published. A year ago, we travelled to Bern, Switzerland to publish the English version. At that point, both books called for a publisher, and that is how Peaceful Impact Publisher Ltd was born. At the same time, the Finnish Association for Trauma and Dissociation was founded.

You can find more about the project that the book originated in at

Our publishing activities are on the increase. Several quality book projects are pending for the year 2019.

From the beginning it has also been clear that we are providing training services on the subjects represented. Combining professionalism and experiential knowledge in an equal manner makes up a crucial part of our brand. We are available for conferences, public speaking and events. 

We also wish to grow and spread the Peaceful Impact movement world wide. Would you like to join us? Don’t hesitate to contact for further discussion via


Translated from Finnish by Viivi Wahlstedt

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