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Watch our documentary about Trauma and Dissociation
Anssi Leikola, psychiatrist, therapist, author & trauma survivor
Carita Kilpinenentrepeneur, graphic designer & trauma survivor

We have produced documentary about trauma and dissociation that explains clearly and comprehensively what emotional trauma, structural dissociation and polyvagal theories are and how they effect human life. Anssi Leikola also explains how understanding these subjects helps us in creating sustainable psychiatry also called as trauma informed treatment and Carita Kilpinen illustrates the theories further with animations.

The documentary consists of six episodes. We recommend to watch them in the order they are released:

Link to the whole documentary:

1. The Sustainable Psychiatry
2. Emotional Trauma
3. Structural Dissociation, part 1 & 2
4. Polyvagal Theory
5. Traumainformed treatment, part 1 & 2
6. Speaking from experience


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