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Focusing on social engagement and connection

Yvonne is the mother of an adult child. She has a background of a long-term traumatization as a child and of several traumatic experiences as an adult and began her search for recovery in her early twenties. She underwent different therapies during many years which helped to keep her head above water but did not really heal her trauma.

At the age of 47, she found her way to a trauma-focused therapy and to the diagnosis of DID. Her life has changed radically ever since and many doors have opened. The healing process was and is a long and difficult journey, but at the same time, a new path full of hope, answers and new encounters.

The connection to her Finnish peers has allowed her to find her way out of isolation and contributes significantly to her rehabilitation. Thanks to this connection and among other reasons, her deepest wish and her goal are to accompany others on their healing process and offer them the support and hope she has experienced. She has decided to educate herself in trauma care and is currently doing a 3-year training in Somatic Experiencing® (SE) as per Peter Levine in Switzerland.

Yvonne is the co-founder of the Peaceful Impact movement and network in Switzerland and central Europe.

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The Autonomic Nervous System and the Experience of Safety

New insights link the functioning of the autonomic nervous system (ANS) closely to mental health. At my practice, I am exclusively treating individuals that are severely traumatized in their childhood. This article discusses the crucial significance of the experiences of safety for the development of the ANS and mental health.

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What is dissociation?

We have produced a short documentary that explains clearly and comprehensively what emotional trauma, structural dissociation and polyvagal theories are and how they effect human life. 


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